Solar PV

Solar PV or Photo Voltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity, unlike Solar Thermal panels that convert solar energy (sunlight) into heat for hot water and heat.

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Solar Back Up Power Systems

A solar back up power system has the same features as a Net Metering system in that while the grid is operating, your solar power is used to off set your building or homes energy consumption, but as soon as the grid goes down the system kicks in and acts like an off grid power system, drawing energy from a battery bank and using the solar to recharge the batteries.

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Solar Carports and Solar EV Charging Stations

Imagine, never having to buy gas again and producing your own energy to power your car! Our EV chargers are simple and easy operate and our solar canopy models are a great way to attract attention to your business.

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Wind Turbines

The attractive design and near silent operation of the wind turbine make it a perfect fit for corporations or institutes wanting to promote their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

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Off Grid Power Systems

Off grid power systems provide electrical power to remote locations where connection to the grid is cost prohibitive or unavailable. These systems are also purchased by people who want the security and independence of generating their own environmentally friendly energy.

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Off Grid Lights

Off-grid lighting solutions work for pathways, roadways, parking lots or locations lacking easy access to the grid. All of our poles can also be used for remote WiFi access, live security cameras and any other low voltage system.

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Energy Guardian

If you own or manage a commercial, industrial or institutional building, your energy costs are a large portion of your operating budget. It’s imperative that this cost be properly managed, but how do you manage something you can’t measure? That’s where the Energy Guardian comes in.

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The FIT Program

The FIT Program is designed for projects generating over 10 kW of electricity. The microFIT program is for renewable energy projects of 10 kilowatts or less. This program is of interest to homeowners, farmers and small business owners, as well as institutions, such as schools and places of worship.

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